Non-Profit Partnerships

Lilliputt Mini Golf is proud to support local charities and initiatives. Every year we work with the children’s charity Variety to host Light Up the Holidays, an event that raising money for underprivileged children.

Work With Us

We are always interested in hearing from charitable organisations about ways to work together to help those in need. Call us now or get in touch using the contact form.


If your school, club or group is searching for a fundraising event location, Lilliputt Mini Golf can offer Ice Age at Robina Town Centre as a venue, with the following two options:

  • Lilliputt Mini Golf takes a percentage of the revenue made from ticket sales, with a nominated percentage being donated to the fundraising partner; or
  • Ice Age is hired for a fixed price and the fundraising partner keeps 100% of revenue from ticket sales

Please get in touch using the form below if your school or community group is interested in partnering with us.